The Best Food- Honeydukes

Universal has done an unprecedented job in the construction and theming of its Wizarding world. Seeing the bags and bags of merchandise leave the shelves is a prime example of why Universal has succeeded here. From the wands to house paraphernalia, it’s easy to spend a lot of money in one of these shops. The one I’m focussing on is Honeydukes. More specifically the candy inside, and found throughout both parks at USF.


I have to confess, the last few times I’ve visited I haven’t bought much, I have my scarf, shirt and wands of my favourite characters, so my shields are high, and wallet is safely in my pocket. I’ve bought what makes the money burn through my pants, so the temptation is minimal. What always gets me though, is the chocolate.


Now I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but there’s something about these interesting candies that makes me feel like it’s ok to loosen the purse stings. Weather it’s the fact that they last a while, so you can savour them till your next visit, or the reasonable price for something that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.


Now it’s easy to find yourself reaching for the chocolate frogs, or the Bertie Botts, and honestly I wouldn’t blame you, the real treats are the Fizzing Whizzbees, or Exploding Bonbon’s. Now if you’re a collector the chocolate frogs would be hard to miss out on with various collector cards inside, but the average chocolate frog inside leaves much to be desired for the price.

The biggest thing to remember when buying these candies is to go for the unique. Try a bit of everything! And if you’re debating which one to go with, pick the one that’s more unique! Why get Bertie Botts when you can find Jelly Belly’s at your local box store? Go for the Fever Fudge instead! And if you get one of each don’t worry, not too many people will stare… Just walk to the counter with a look of victory. Hell, I’ve cashed out with an arm full of Fizzing Whizzbees, fielding stares from every guest that passed me. And did I care? Yes… but I knew I would be dining like a king! Then booking a trip to the dentist.


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