The Best Food- Dufftoberfest

Ok, so I’m one of the last people you’d find to recommend something in Springfield at Universal Orlando, but this time I have to. To say I’m bitter about the closure of the Back to the Future ride would be an understatement. Do I walk past the ride only when I have to? Yes. Do I try to avoid it at all cost? Yes. But that I’m sure is a story for another time. Except this one time…

Picture it… October 2016. Halloween Horror Nights is gearing up for another exciting night, and I’m seated in the Springfield holding area awaiting the start of the night ahead. Now if you know me, you know that I don’t shy away from the occasional beer, and I had heard great things about Universal’s Seasonal brew.

In Springfield USA, there are 3 types of Duff regularly on tap, but in the month of October they offer their famous “Dufftoberfest” to my surprise it’s actually a really nice beer. While I may hate what they’ve done to my beloved Institute of Future Technology, you can’t hate the beer.

Dufftoberfest is a Marzen-style beer, which here means that it’s brewed at a specific time of year. It’s not a strong beer, it goes gown rather smoothly as well, and with a hint of caramel it’s rather refreshing on a Florida afternoon.

So, it is with a bowed head, and sorry look on my face, that I recommend this frosty drink. The next time you find yourself on this cartooned street, with the sounds of Halloween looming… Make sure to grab yourself a cold one.



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